You can follow us now on Twitter @AAW_alerts -- Stay tuned for our news about "The first national convention to present the demands of Egyptian women" -- Within the framework of the national convention "Egyptian women partners in the Revolution" organized by The Alliance for Arab Women, the alliance is holding several preparatory conferences in all the governorates of Egypt, in order to discuss the declaration which will be sent to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Cabinet, to come up with recommendations to be submitted and discussed on a larger scale during the conference.
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The AAW has a three-section library that includes a rich variety of documents and audio-visual materials.

A: The first section displays more than 4,903 items such as books, official reports, conference research papers, and references dealing with women-related issues.
B: The second section of the library includes 19 Arabic-language films and 2 plays, which the AAW has produced to highlight women related themes in Egypt.
The film list has the following titles:
1 Terrorists (produced in 2006).

2 Road to Safety (produced in 2006).

3 Attention (produced in 2005).

4 Youth Participation in Decision-Making (messages produced in 2006).

5 The Beginning (produced in 2005).

6 The Victim (produced in 2004).

7 The Certitude (produced in 2004).

8 Honor Killing & Rape messages (produced in 2004).

9 The Scream (produced in 2000).

10 Social Security (produced in 2000).

11 International Conventions (produced in 2000).

12 Labor Laws (produced in 2000).

13 Social Insurance Laws (produced in 2000).

14 Personal Status Laws (produced in 2000).

15 Open the Closed Doors (produced in 2004).

16 Women’s Participation in Polls as a Voter and a Candidate (messages).

17 Alliance for Arab Women.

18 The Thorns (produced in 1999).

19 100 Years of Egyptian Woman’s Life (1999).

20 Goha, Wife and Company (a play produced in 2003).

21 Fatima’s Diaries (a play produced in 2003).

Each copy of these works is sold for LE50 (circa US10).
C: The third section displays AAW published works, which include a quarterly bulletin, booklets and publications, studies, reports, and manuals.